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In these unprecedented times, foodservice professionals and consumers alike are increasingly hungry for more grab-and-go options. The driver behind current demand is clear: pre-packaged options require no prep and minimal handling. It’s a win-win that serves up peace of mind for customers and labour and time savings for operators. 

Lactalis Canada Foodservice has the surge in single-serve covered with delicious dairy-to-go options from quality brands Canadians trust. We’ll continue to offer our most requested products like Beatrice 100% natural white and chocolate milk that can be stored at room temperature for 180 days. At the same time, we’ll strive to satisfy your demand for innovative new options like Black Diamond® Combos, which combine natural cheese, nuts and dried fruit for a healthy snack that can be enjoyed any time of the day 

One of our most exciting new products is Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr Yogourt. With four times the milk of a regular cup of yogourt and no artificial sweeteners, colourings or preservatives, this rich and creamy yogourt has to be tasted to be believed! 

For your convenience, all of our grab-and-go products are individually barcoded 

Sound appetizing? Try any of our single-serve products for yourself! 


Short on fridge space? You’ll love convenient bottles that can be stored at room temperature for 180 days. 

Beatrice Single Serve 
1% white, 1% chocolate 

Lactantia PurFiltre Single Serve 
1% White, 1% Chocolate 


The rich and full flavour of natural cheese comes in convenient, snackable portions. 

Cracker Barrel Cheese Portions 
Mild, Mild Lite, Medium, Medium Lite,  Old, Old White, Marble, Brick, Gouda 

P’Tit Québec Cheese Portions 
White Mild, White Lite 

Black Diamond® Cheese Portions 
Mild, White Mild, Medium, Medium Lite, Old White, Marble, Brick, Gouda 

Black Diamond® Cheese Combos 
Natural cheese with nuts and dried fruit varieties 


Cream Cheese and Sour Cream 

Serve spreads and dips hygienically in perfectly-portioned cups. 

Lactantia Cream Cheese Portions 
Original, Light, Herb & Garlic 

Beatrice Sour Cream 
Original 14% 


100% natural ingredients, 100% Canadian milk 

Siggi’s Icelandic Yogourt 
Vanilla, Strawberry